Can’t Miss Stops On Your Visit To Ireland

Can’t Miss Stops On Your Visit To Ireland

Rich in history, a trip to the Emerald Isle should be on everyone’s list this year. Ireland is known for its ubiquitous rolling green hills, immaculate coastlines, and of course, beer. The island is actually split into two countries, Ireland, & Northern Ireland, which is part of the United Kingdom. From golf courses, to pubs, to Game of Thrones filming locations, tourists have plenty to choose from during their visit. Whether a sole visit, or a quick stop over before you visit England, the following stops must happen for anyone lucky enough to explore the Irish culture.

Kilkenny Castle – Kilkenny, Ireland

Built in 1195 and was later sold to the people of Kilkenny for only 50 pounds. Kilkenny is one of the most popular tourist attractions in all of Ireland, and is a two-hour train ride from Dublin.

Kilkenny Castle

Giant’s Causeway – County Antrim, Northern Ireland

Irish legend has it that Finn MacCool created these rocks as stepping stones. Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site with over 40,000 basalt columns making up this honeycomb-shaped mass.

Giant’s Causeway –

St. Stephen’s Green – Dublin, Ireland

Peaceful, romantic city park in the heart of Dublin. Get away from the noise of the city and find yourself immersed in a landscape filled with unlimited no-filter Instagram opportunities.

St. Stephen’s Green – Dublin, Ireland

Cliffs of Moher – County Clare, Ireland

The quintessential landscape of the Emerald Isle, these cliffs have been featured prominently in many movies and music videos over the last 30 years. With a stellar view of the Atlantic Ocean, and just a three-hour car ride from Dublin, the cliffs are one of the most visited sites in all of Europe.

Cliffs of Moher – County Clare, Ireland

Game of Thrones Filming Locations – Belfast & Various Locations, Northern Ireland

Start with the Dark Hedges, aka “King’s Road”, and you might end up stumbling into the Hound or Arya Stark. “Winterfell”, “Slavers Bay”, & “The Twins” all call Northern Ireland home. True fan boys or girls need to visit Titanic studios to sit in the show’s “Iron Throne”, but don’t waste time getting there, for we all know winter is coming.

Dark Hedges, Northern Ireland

Kilmainham Gaol – Dublin, Ireland

Prison turned museum, Kilmainham has been featured in several of Ireland’s top movies. Linked exclusively to Ireland’s quest for independence, a visit here is Irish Nationalism at its finest.


Powerscourt Estate – Enniskerry, Ireland

Golf reigns supreme in Ireland, as the country is home to over 300 courses. None have more elegance than the Powerscourt Golf Club located at the estate of the same name. After your 18 holes, explore the rest of the estate, which includes a Japanese garden and Ireland’s highest waterfall.

Powerscourt Estate – Enniskerry, Ireland

Cork – Ireland

Every year thousands of people from around the world flock to Cork to kiss the famous Blarney Stone, but that’s not all Cork has to offer. The island’s third largest city is also home to St. Fin Barre’s Cathedral, designed by architect William Burges.

Cork, Ireland

Skellig Michael – Kerry County, Ireland

Star Wars fans will recognize this island as the final scene in The Force Awakens. Make sure to visit the Monastery graveyard, part of what made this Island a World Heritage site in 1996.

Skellig Michael – Kerry County, Ireland

Belfast – Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland’s capital city achieved worldwide notoriety because of its shipbuilding industry in the early 1900’s. Most famously creating a monstrous and ill-fated vessel that came be to known as the Titanic. Surviving  both “The Troubles” & “The Blitz”,  this proud city is filled with stories to tell.

Belfast , Northern Ireland

Newgrange – Drogheda, Ireland

Mystery surrounds this Neolithic grave site in Eastern Ireland. Human remains have been found in its chambers, and its entrance aligns with the sun during the winter solstice.

Newgrange – Drogheda, Ireland

Guinness Storehouse – Dublin, Ireland

Admit it, last year you drank a Guinness on St. Patrick’s day. Honor the brew by visiting the original fermentation plant, and receive a free pint with admission!

Guinness Storehouse – Dublin, Ireland

Old Jameson Distillery – Dublin, Ireland

What better way to follow up that free pint? Is it beer before liquor or the other way around? When you’re on vacation in Dublin, the answer is especially irrelevant.

Old Jameson Distillery – Dublin, Ireland


Killarney National Park – Kerry County, Ireland

Ireland’s first national park was donated in 1932. Sprawling mountains, castles, and beautiful lakes make up this 40 square mile park.

Killarney National Park, Kerry County, Ireland

City of Dublin – Dublin, Ireland

Samuel Beckett Bridge, Dublin, Ireland.
Dublin, Ireland

Literature, history & the finest pubs in the world. Beginning and ending your trip here will no doubt make your visit one for a lifetime.


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