10 Lakes that will inspire you to finish your novel

Finishing a novel is a life goal that many aspire to achieve. Admit it, you have thought about it, and probably have some great plot lines in your mind ready to be put to paper. The backdrop of a beautiful lake easily provides utopic motivation for any would-be author. Grab a pen, pull up a seat and bask in the serenity & tranquility of the world’s most pristine lakes.

Lake Tahoe, Sierra Nevada, United States

Aside from the mid-western Great Lakes, Lake Tahoe is the largest lake by volume in the United States. Part of the Nevada – California border, Tahoe has become one of the most popular tourist attractions on the West Coast, boasting year-round activities at the lake’s resort.

Lake Tahoe


Lake Como, Lombardy, Italy

Initially becoming a travel destination for aristocrats in ancient Rome, this Y-shaped lake is the most inhabited region on our list. Pop culture has had countless encounters with Lake Como, and many celebrities have flocked to live in the villas that surround the water.

Lake Como

Lake Baikal, Southern Siberia, Russia

The “Pearl of Siberia” is the world’s deepest and oldest lake. During winter, parts of the lake are frozen with enough ice to support snowmobiles. Baikal’s location in the frigid region of Siberia make it less popular to tourists, and therefore more more popular for writers!

Lake Baikal

Lake Louise – Alberta, Canada

No region in the world is home to as many beautiful lakes as Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada. Lake Louise isn’t the biggest, however it certainly is the most gorgeous, as a night at the Fairmont Chateau will emphatically prove.

Lake Louise

Five Flower Lake, China

This shallow, multi-colored lake is part of several lakes of the Jiuzhaigou nature reserve in Sichuan, China. This secluded region has seen tourism increase by over 200,000 % over the last 40 years due to the combination of snow and multi-colored lakes seen throughout the valley.

Five Flower Lake

Mount Katmai Crater Lake, Katmai National Park, Alaska

Mount Katmai erupted in 1912 leaving a 10 km diameter lake-filled caldera. Perhaps the most difficult lake on this list to travel to, Katmai lake provides staggering views of the snow-capped Aleutian mountain range.

Mount Katmai Crater Lake

Loch Duich, Scottish Highlands, Scotland

Less than a two hour car ride from Scotland’s more famous body of water, Loch Ness, Duich has become world famous for its fishing. A small tidal island named Eilean Donan calls Durich home, which includes the picturesque castle of the same name.

Loch Duich

Lake Lucerne, – Lucerne Switzerland

Central Switzerland is home to Lake Lucerne, the inspiration for the title of Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata. With 360 degree views of the Alps, Lake Lucerne is one of the most photographed lakes in all of Europe.

Lake Lucerne

Derwentwater – Cumbria, England

Star Wars fans will recognize this area from Episode VII. Derwentwater claims several of the regions most stellar islands, including one that is inhabited.



Abraham Lake – Alberta, Canada

The second lake from Alberta, Canada to make the list, Abraham is an artificial lake created in 1972, while constructing the local Bighorn dam. “Frozen Bubbles” have made this lake one of a kind, and would provide ample opportunities for creative science fiction writing!

Lake Abraham

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