The 14 most unique beaches in the world

Admit it, you would rather be on the beach right now. A drink in one hand, and a DGAF attitude on the brain prepping yourself for your next most-liked IG picture. But not just any beach will do, no we can’t be basic beaches (Get it?). Instead, travel to one of these unique beaches and you will surely impress everyone on your followers list.

Glass Beach – Fort Bragg, California

For over 50 years, residents of this Northern California town used this beach as a trash dump. Mother Nature has countered this misuse by smoothing and rounding the glass pieces into a collage of beautiful “sea glass”. Hurry and visit, for the glass is slowly disappearing, even though removing the items is prohibited.

Glass Beach – Gustavo Gerdel

Vik Beach – Vik, Iceland

What do you get when you cross a glacier with a volcano? Volcanic activity has wonderfully created this black basalt sand just south of one of the country’s largest ice caps. RadTip: Hike north to capture an iconic photo of the Sólheimasandur Plane Crash.

Vik Beach – Anjali Kiggal

Giant’s Causeway – County Antrim, Northern Ireland

Irish legend has it that Finn MacCool created these rocks as stepping stones. Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site with over 40,000 basalt columns making up this honeycomb-shaped mass.

Giant’s Causeway –

Vaadhoo Beach – Raa Atoll, Maldives

Known as the “Sea of Stars,” marine bioluminescence creates a literal glow-in-the-dark experience for visitors of this tiny island in the Indian Ocean.


Hidden Beach/Love Beach – Marieta Islands, Mexico

For the second time on this list, our earth wonderfully responds to a man-made evil. Test-bombing by the Mexican created this gaping hole in the surface that reveals a hidden beach located west of Puerto Vallarta.

Hidden Beach – Christian Frausto

Navagio (Shipwreck Beach) – Ionian Islands, Greece

A shipwrecked freightliner graced this Greek cove with its presence in 1980. From that moment on it gave birth to one of the most surreal and beautiful locations on earth.

Shipwreck Beach – Ivan Pendjakov

Red Beach – Panjin, China

Not, a traditional sand covered beach, but awe-inspiring nonetheless. This reed-covered wetland is best viewed in early fall, when the sprouts transform into several ranges of crimson.

Red Beach – JIA MI

Papakolea Beach, South Point, Hawaii

Any beach list is incomplete if one of the many Hawaiian beaches isn’t included. One of only four green sand beaches in the world and is only accessible on foot.

Papakolea Beach

Whitehaven Beach – Whitsunday Island, Australia

Impeccably gorgeous and home to a yearly swimming competition. This white sand does not retain heat, proving it equal parts style and substance.

Whitehaven Beach – Darren Tierney

Cathedral Cove – Coromandel Peninsula, New Zealand

One of New Zealand’s most popular tourist locations, and home to the Te Whanganui-A-Hei Marine Reserve. This immaculate location was recently featured in a Macklemore music video.

Cathedral Cove – National Geographic

Bowling Ball Beach – Mendocino County, California

During low tide catch these massive sandstone rocks that resemble bowling balls spread throughout the beach. Located in Schooner Gulch State Beach, 50 miles north of Santa Rosa.

Bowling Ball Beach – John Shaw Photography

Pink Sand Beach – Harbour Island, Bahamas

Several pink sand beaches exist across the world, but none are more elegant and expansive than Harbour Island on Eleuthera Island in the Bahamas. Rated as a top beach by Fodors, Frommers & The Travel Channel, Harbour Island has wonderful weather all year round and is a stone’s throw from the North Eleuthera Airport.

Harbour Island, Bahamas –

Jökulsárlón Beach – Iceland

Iceland appears for the second time on this short list, and rightfully so. Floating icebergs merge into this lagoon in southeastern Iceland and has been a movie filming location for fictional characters Batman, James Bond & Lara Croft!

Jökulsárlón Iceland – Jorunnsjofn Photography

Maho Beach – Saint Martin, Sint Maarten

Last on our list, but the most exciting of them all is located on the Dutch side of Saint Martin island. Planes approach Maho beach at altitudes under 100 feet creating the best location in the world for plane spotting! Visit the St Maarten airport ( for daily flight arrival times to plan out this amazing experience! Can’t make it to the Caribbean? Check out the Maho Beach cam (  for spectacular daily video of the arrivals.

Maho Beach – copyright




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